Friday, August 9, 2013

Packed House

Yesterday's wet weather did not dampen the enthusiasm of the members who came out for the
Picasa workshop in the rooms yesterday. Our rooms were packed to capacity with those eager to hear abut Picasa from two member enthusiasts, Tony Prince and Jill Ball.

It appears that many of us share a love of photos but are at sea when faced with digitising, preserving, organising and editing our collections. Thank you to all who attended, Tony and I enjoyed showing you what we know. Your questions and comments made this an enjoyable collaborative session for us.

We were unable to cover many functions of the software in depth and on reflection gathered that members would be interested in a future session on using Picasa to apply minor fixes to old photos. We will schedule this as a topic for one of the meetings of the new Technology Special Interest Group that will be meeting in the rooms on the second Thursday of the month from 1:30pm - 3:00pm commencing on Thursday 12th September. Should you have a topic that you would like covered in one of these meetings please email me and we will endeavour to cover it.

Jill Ball

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