Sunday, October 26, 2014


In the RAHS eNewsletter 2014 October Issue 2 received by the Society there was information about  a survey being conducted by The National Library of Australia. If you are a user of the New South Wales Government Gazette you might respond to the survey.


The National Library of Australia, in conjunction with the State Library of New South Wales, is working towards making a digitised version of the New South Wales Government Gazette from 1832-2001 available through the Trove Newspapers Service.

The Library is conducting a short online user survey on use of government gazette materials to help us better understand why and how people use government gazettes for information, so we can align with those needs.

The survey consists of 15 questions and aims to find out:
- which government gazettes you consult and how frequently
- the kinds of information you are seeking
- if there is a difference in your use of print or microfilm gazettes and online gazettes
- which ways for finding information in government gazettes are most useful to you, and
- how you would prefer to make use of what you find.

Click here to access the survey, which is open until Sunday 2nd November.

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