Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Australian Generations Oral History Project

Members may be interested in the event that we were notified of in e-BULLETIN No. 129 – 10 September 2014  from Australian Historical Societies Inc.

Australian Generations Oral History Project
A number of Australian Historical Association (AHA) members are part of the Australian Generations Oral History Project which has interviewed 300 people living in Australia born between 1920 and 1989. The interviews explore Australian life and society across time, and illuminate generational change and inter-generational dynamics. At a conference in Melbourne in October the researchers will have their first opportunity to share their findings about 20th and 21st century history and memory. Internationally renowned oral and public historian Professor Michael Frisch will deliver the keynote address and the conference will feature academic historians and industry partners who form the project’s research team including Alistair Thomson, Kevin Bradley, Anisa Puri, Katie Holmes, Kerreen Reiger, Seamus O’Hanlon, Christina Twomey, Michelle Rayner and Michael Frisch.
Follow this link for more details about the conference, to be held in Melbourne on 30-31 October 2014:

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