Friday, May 23, 2014

Shall we dance?

A new website that may interest those with an interest in dance is Australian Colonial Dance,,  by Heather Clarke.

The site description states:

 "A collection of dances from the early Australian colonial era 1770-1850.
This site reveals the history of dance in the first half of the colonial period exploringsignificant social and historical links.
In an age of intense electronic social networking, these dances shine as genuine, warm, social pleasures.  Words are unnecessary while dancing, other skills are required – a smile, a glance, a touch.  Could it be more different to social media on your smart phone?
In an evening of country dance one may have a dozen partners and dance with every person in the room; a group of individuals synchronised in the pattern of the dance.
Dance rates as one of the most beneficial forms of recreation:  it involves so many different aspects in such an enjoyable way.  The exercise of moving through the dance,remembering the figures, listening and responding to the music, and above all, the myriad of friendly  interactions.

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