Wednesday, March 12, 2014

POW Camp in St Ives

The Society has received the following invitation from the Rotary Club of St Ives. If you are interested in attending this event please contact the Club directly.


Many people may not be aware but there used to be a POW camp in St Ives for Italian prisoners of war captured in North Africa in World War II. It was situated on Mona Vale Road near Richmond Avenue. One of the last (probably the last) of the army personnel stationed there with full knowledge of its location and activities is Major L. P. (Laurie) Hindmarsh who was the Administration Sergeant for the full duration.

Laurie will be giving a talk on the camp, its location and what went on there at the Rotary Club of St Ives on Wednesday the 2ndApril 2014. He will also be happy to answer questions. The venue for his talk will be the Pymble Golf Club in Cowan Road, St Ives and the time for the Rotary meeting will be 6.30pm for 7pm and will end at about 8.45pm.

The cost will be $35 (including dinner) which will need to be paid at least 2 days beforehand. If you wish to attend, please contact Dee Stewart on mobile 0412 398814l or email

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