Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Did you know we have a Museum?

Our research rooms are located in the Old Gordon Public School building and we have a little museum in the old Headmaster's office just across the hall from our rooms.

This mini-museum commemorates the students, teachers and parents and citizens associated with the Old Gordon Public School, the first public school on the North Shore of Sydney.  The school opened in 1871 and closed in 1989 and the collection includes a range of class photographs, some photographs of teachers and a small collection of memorabilia.

Some students, teachers and parents have provided us with ‘recollections’ of their time at the school.  These can be anecdotal, humorous or simply statements of fact about life at the school.  Collectively and placed in context of time they are beginning to reveal some of the history and life and times at the school.  

Recently we had an exciting visitor:
Warren Dent, was Dux of GPS in 1955, but has lived overseas for the last 45 years. 

He was impressed with the resources and has since sent many class photos to add to our collection. 

Warren has written many Australian historical books, and his latest book-in-progress concerns the Jamison Family and his convict ancestor who was assigned to Sir John Jamison at “Regentville”.

If you have any photographs or other GPS memorabilia you would like to share with us, we'd love to hear from you. (If you would like to retain the photographs or memorabilia, we can arrangements to copy those items and return the originals to you.)

The Museum is open when our Rooms are open.

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