Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Toby who?

Our research team does a wonderful job answering queries that arrive by 'phone, email and from people who visit us.

Recently the team reported on the following request and the Society Committee thought it worthwhile sharing the story on our blog.

Toby Toe Retreat

The enquirer had a friend moving to the vicinity of Toby Toe Retreat (as noted on the UBD Sydney Street Directory) and wanted to know why the park was so named.

Carol, one of our Society members, had done some research on land in the area and informed us that the real name of the Retreat is Toby Joe Retreat and with this information found it listed on the Geographical Names Board.  

Reading “The Story of St.Ives” by Gay Halstead p. 259 the Cates Family and the orchards they owned Alice Cate decided to name extra land acquired “Toby Joe”. It was suggested to the enquirer to call into the Society Rooms and read about the Cates Family.   

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