Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ann Howard - Dangar Island

Ann Howard at Ku-ring-gai today
Local historian and author, Ann Howard a longtime resident of Dangar Island was the guest speaker at the Society General Meeting today.

Ann, who has written several books on the history of the island, spoke to us about the island and some of the characters who resided there.

Firstly Ann set the scene by giving us a short history of the island. Captain Arthur Phillip visited the island in March 1788 and was so impressed by the number of fish that his party caught that he named it Mullet Island. It was renamed Dangar Island by a member of the Dangar family who purchased it in the mid nineteenth century.

The members' interests were piqued as Ann told tales from her books so that, at the end of the meeting, a long line of people wanting to purchase Ann's books formed. Ann graciously spent time signing books and conversing with members.

Books by Ann Howard

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