Saturday, August 18, 2012

Annual General Meeting

Ann Barry presided at her last Society meeting today after serving four years as President. Also retiring was Doug Milne who had served as Treasurer for fifteen years and Jenny Joyce who had been a Committee member for five years. Yvette Reeve, Minute Secretary stepped down after two years service.

Presentations were made to retiring officers to thank them for their efforts on behalf of the Society. The commendations were supported wholeheartedly by the large group of members who were present at the meeting.

Ann stood down as President after the annual reports had been presented and ratified and Kevin Callinan, Returning Officer, took over to conduct the Annual Election of Executive Committee Members. Those elected for the 2012-2013 term were:

President : Jackie van Bergen
Vice-Presidents : Jo Harris, Graham Lewis
Treasurer : Peter Stehn
Minute Secretary : Trish Thomson

Committee : Jill Ball, Helen Davies, Jennifer Harvey, Lorna Watt

Guest speaker, Carol Baxter, told us about the research she carried out for her book "Captain Thunderbolt and his Lady" . Carol, who has visited the Society on two prior occasions, once again enthralled the audience with her lively and informative presentation.

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