Sunday, June 1, 2014

Conference in Mittagong

The Society has been notified of the 2014 RAHS Conference in its recent newsletter. An excerpt from the newsletter follows:

2014 RAHS State History Conference - Moving History
History is about the past,  It has all happened and can't be changed.  It is immovable. WRONG!  History is about change over time and is always moving as we respond to new information that changes our understanding of the past.  Each generation asks new questions of the past. In history, we see how people adapted to change as they moved geographically and socially within and beyond their communities.  We are emotionally moved by their fears, struggles and achievements. Our societies also have to move forward finding different ways to further their objectives.
So, come to Mittagong and be moved by         Australian history.                                                         Railway station Mittagong [Source Wikimedia Commons]
Saturday 25 - Sunday 26 October 2014, Mittagong RSL
More information to follow in upcoming eNewsletters and our website here.

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