Monday, December 9, 2013

Chatswood Catholic Cemetery

Are you able to provide any details for people buried in this Cemetery?

If so please contact the researcher mentioned in this snippet from the latest issue of  Willoughby History Chatters, the newsletter of The Willoughby District Historical Society:

A last Call: I have developed a list of burials for the Chatswood Catholic Cemetery (c1865-c1915). There were only 57 names in the church burial records, but I have managed to find around 150 burials. There may be many more.
Before I ‘close the books’, I am seeking informa-tion from researcher and readers on any other burials that readers may be aware of. Please con-tact the Society or me personally.

Joan Antarakis.

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  1. Hi There,

    Just saw your post. I am aware of Margaret MCGLINCHY, who was buried in that cemetery on 24 December 1897.

    Do you know where I could go to see the list of people buried in that cemetery?

    Kind regards,
    Colin. (email: