Thursday, June 27, 2013

What an enthusiastic group!

Last Saturday afternoon the members of our World War 1 Project group met for the first time for a workshop at the Society rooms.

The workshop provided us with an opportunity to introduce the project leaders and for research team members to meet each other. We came together as a group of committed individuals but left as  members of an enthusiastic team.

Researchers were given information on the project background and aim and were given details about the book/s the group hopes to produce. We discussed the project timeline, went through the research pack and style guide provided and examined some samples of work that have already been submitted. 

As the session was collaborative in nature attendees were encouraged to comment and ask questions throughout the event. As a result some of the suggestions have been taken on board and incorporated into our support documents. Thanks to David Wilkins, our military man, for his prompt response in distributing additional materials.

One unexpected outcome occurred when we were going through a sample profile submitted by a team member. Members were quietly reading through the document when one person came to someone in the text by the name of Smith, she explained excitedly "He's mine". Co-incidentally she was sitting next to the gentleman who had written the profile; we could not blame them when they launched into a private tete-a-tete about the serviceman in question.

The researchers were asked if they would like us to organise a writing workshop with Cassie Mercer, editor of Inside History Magazine. As they were positive to this idea we have organised a workshop for August. 

I left the meeting feeling privileged to have been able to work with such a generous and passionate group of people. If you would like to join this project as a researcher/writer please contact Kathe Rieth via email We will organise similar workshops or meetings and provide support  for any new researchers who join us. Any person with an interest in one of our servicemen is most welcome to join our group.

Jill Ball

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