Friday, February 1, 2013

Trove Tuesday - Troubles with Ku-ring-gai

I know it's not Tuesday but this is the first post related to Trove Tuesday that our Society bloggers have done, so it's better to get it posted.
Hopefully we can do a few more - maybe some of our newly trained members can help contribute.

Trove is great!
None of us doubt that, but try searching for difficult terms.

Yesterday's (booked out) hands on Trove workshop in our Research rooms highlighted such difficulties - with our own local government area: Ku-ring-gai

Not only do we have to deal with the OCR difficulties surrounding hyphenated words, we also have to contend with journalists and contributors not knowing how it is spelled.

So, as a reminder to our members, and a handy hint to other researchers, try numerous 'spellings' and configurations.

Here are some variations that actually exist within documents found in Trove:
Ku-ring-gai (the correct one)
and even Kurin-gai (>9000 entries in the digitised newspapers for this last one)

The results for each of the above are quite different, so you could miss out on that vital piece of the puzzle if you don't search them all.

Use your imagination and if you find other alternatives, we'd love to know about them

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