Thursday, October 11, 2012

Partial Demolition of Lennox Bridge Approved

This statement was issued in the latest RAHS E-News. A number of our members requested that we post it, to alert as many people as possible to this:

Partial Demolition of Lennox Bridge Approved: 

On Wednesday 3 October the NSW Heritage Council voted to allow Parramatta City Council to demolish part of the 1830s convict-built Lennox Bridge to provide for two riverbank cycleways. 

The Heritage Council still has vacant positions for an historian and a National Trust representative, who might have been able to influence the vote. 

To voice your disapproval please email The Honorable Robyn Parker, Minister for Heritage, Heritage Council Chair Professor Lawrence Nield

Parramatta City Council has yet to determine the Development Application so you should also contact the Lord Mayor Cr John Chedid

We are seeking your help once again to save an important part of Parramatta, Sydney & Australia's history. 

This development application was withdrawn by Parramatta Council the first time they presented it due to the amount of objections it raised by individuals and Family & Local History Groups.
Unfortunately, the council has re-presented the proposal which has now been approved by the NSW Heritage Council - for reasons that are unknown and completely incomprehensible to us.

Please voice your disapproval of this application by emailing the abovementioned authorities.
Thank you
Dorothy Warwick

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  1. This is a absolute disgrace, NSW Heritage Council, what are our local councils doing and you THE NSW HERITAGE COUNCIL are letting them get away with it!!!! stop destroying our Heritage and do what your paid to do, protect our Heritage!!!!!!
    Robert LEWRY