Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Brick Walls and Butchers

Armed with virtual sledgehammers the members who gathered for last Saturday's Family History Group workshop helped each other knock down the brick walls they have encountered in their research. The old adage A problem shared is a problem halved was supported as members offered each other suggestions for solving their research issues.

Geoff Hammond
 The guest speaker following our afternoon General Meeting was Geoff Hammond, a member of the Hammond family who had butcheries in Chatswood, Roseville and Gordon for over 100 years. Assisted by his daughter, Jennifer Patterson, Geoff told us the story of his family and their businesses, explained the issues facing butchers in the 19th century and amused us with anecdotes about life north of the Harbour. 

Near the conclusion of his talk we heard a little about Geoff's career in the NSW Police Force which included time as the Head of the Drug Squad. 

Thank you to Family History Group Leader, Jo Harris, for organising such an entertaining guest speaker. 

Hammond Family Photos

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